The Reid S. Jones Scholarship in Business and Finance

Reid S. JonesThe Trustees of The Jones Educational Foundation, Inc. offered the foundation’s inaugural scholarship to honor the life contributions of Reid Sievers Jones, husband of 60 years and devoted father.

Mr. Jones’ family has lived in the Slate Branch and Oak Hill areas of Pulaski Co. for several generations. They came into the United States through Virginia in the 1700’s. Local lore is rich with stories about his ancestors, Joneses, Lairs, and Cundiffs, and about Mr. Jones himself who is said to have shown entrepreneurial instincts early on. Once, as a boy, he was seen leading a small goat down Slate Branch Road, looking to make a sale between the country store operated by his parents, The Rev. Boyce Jones and Helen Marie Cundiff, later his grandmother Luttie Lair Cundiff’s country store, and what is now a series of subdivisions, land belonging previously to a Cundiff farm. It’s no wonder, then, that Mr. Jones went on to place Fram products in Wal-Marts across the southeast, no small feat in the days before computerization.

The first annual Reid S. Jones Memorial Scholarship in Business and Finance for 2006 was shared by Shaun Denney (Somerset High School), Julie Mize (Somerset High School), and Jacob Crockett (Southwestern High School). Mr. Denney and Ms. Mize are students at The University of Kentucky, and Mr. Crockett attends Eastern Kentucky University. "Competition was so intense for this inaugural scholarship given in my father’s name that we decided to increase its value from $1,000 to $1,500 and award three candidates $500 each," said Dr. Sonya Jones, president and CEO of The Jones Foundation, in an article published in The Somerset Commonwealth Journal, May 25, 2006.

Sam Adams of Somerset Christian School

The second annual Reid S. Jones Scholarship in Business and Finance in the amount of $1,000.00 was awarded to Sam Adams of Somerset Christian School. Sam graduated from SCH in May 2007 with a perfect 4.0. He is already working toward his insurance license, and he plans to become a Certified Financial Planner. Sam is pictured here with SCH Principal John Hale at the Jones Foundation awards ceremony hosted by Monticello Banking Company in May 2007.

Many scholarships exist for graduating seniors, but virtually none was offered in business and finance until The Jones Foundation awarded The Reid S. Jones Scholarship in Business and Finance for 2006.

To qualify for nomination by a high school guidance counselor, candidates for The Reid S. Jones Scholarship in Business and Finance must have a 3.4 GPA and evidence of business acumen. Nominees must also have plans to graduate from a four-year institution in the state of Kentucky with plans to major in business or finance.

In 2010, Dr. Jones established the Reid S. Jones Memorial Fund for Veterans. The Fund exists to help veterans with vocational or professional goals. Donations may be made by contacting Dr. Jones.